The truth about Marcos’ Wealth. Let us not forget.


I am not well-versed when it comes to politics.  I do not claim to be an expert and will never say that I aim to be one.  I do know one thing.  What I experienced first hand under the Marcos regime gave me reasons to know that as a Filipino, I have been robbed of my future.  If my own government took pride and care in the affairs of government properly and without corruption, I may still be living in the Philippines to this day.  There would have been no reason for anyone in my family to leave the country like we did.  The truth is, we were happy when we were all together and living as a family unit in the Philippines.  It was our home.

I grew up at a time when I had no idea who Ninoy Aquino was before he was assassinated at the tarmac of MIA (Manila International Airport, now known as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport).  There were witnesses but no one came forward to what they saw.  What was captured by video cameras were the images before Ninoy Aquino stepped off the plane accompanied by the Philippine military and after, images of Ninoy when he laid faced down on the tarmac with blood oozing from his head.

I was a freshman in college then.   My mind had not formed any opinion about government yet.  The fact is, my parents were Marcos loyalists.  I remember a time when my mom would be so excited to work with Imelda Marcos under the guise of “The Geen Revolution” where she led the encouragement of planting product in household gardens to address hunger.  They looked up to the Marcoses like people looked up to the Royal Family.

By the time my eyes were opened to the greed and corruption that this family had inflicted on my country, I decided to become aware of what is going on.  I learned of the way the Marcoses would use the military to kidnap anyone who they believe are against their policies.  Some of the disappeared without a trace and some of them were found dead.  A lot of them were jailed simply because they spoke out against a corrupt government.  That was the Marcos regime that I experienced.

I was a religious student with a strong Catholic background from first grade all the way to college.  I had a lot of respect for the church.   At the time, it was Cardinal Jaime Sin who officiated in my graduation.  As a Cardinal, he was very outspoken about the human rights abuse that the Marcoses had been doing.  And I listened to what he had to say.

By the time People Power had happened, I was already out of the country.  I wished I had been there to witness the strength of the people and the strength of prayer.  To overthrow a government through peaceful means was a great feat for the Filipino people.  I could only enjoy how the revolution transpired through CNN during that time.


What saddens me today is how people forgot what this couple did to the Filipino people and how they managed to steal and amass the wealth of dramatic proportions.  Many people today, most of the younger generation I would say, support the Marcoses.  Why?  Because they do not know what really happened.  They go by reading conspiracy theories on the internet and linking the stories to the Yamashita Gold and the Tallano family being the Royal Family of the Maharlika Empire.  Historical fact or not, I don’t want the younger generation to forget what they have done to the Filipino people.  Why?  Because once they forget, it can be allowed to happen again.

If you want a good read on what delusional statements had been made about Marcos’ wealth prior to becoming President of the Philippines, read this article.  It  has references and goes thoroughly through what have occurred and what has been done (or not done) with the billions of dollars of ill-gotten wealth by the Marcoses.  The article is called: IMELDA ADMITS TO HUGE MARCOS FORTUNE

One thing that I must raise before I close this post, the closing statement from the article rang true and I would like to reinstate it here.

…the Marcoses and their henchmen and cronies were overthrown by a popular uprising, they remain unrepentant, unpunished, and still untouched by the legal processes of either the Philippines or the US. Justice has not yet been done; it hasn’t even begun.

And the way that it’s going – it will probably never begin.

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