Congratulations to Miss Universe 2015 – Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurstbach!


You would think that nothing else matters in the world during Miss Universe Pageant Night.  And that’s what it was meant to do.  It’s a time for sportsmanship and building unity among countries.  It’s a time to briefly take away our thoughts from all the cares in the world.  It’s time to entertain. These 80 ladies represent their country well and  last night’s event was no different – except for one thing – – the host Steve Harvey announcing the wrong winner in front of a global audience.

During the pageant, they received over 10 million votes from around the world from Global Fans as part of the result computed together with the judges’ votes.  The world watched as it came down to the final 15, then the final 5 and the final 3.  All three selections included Miss Philippines.  Crowds cheered with the female host even heard saying “You would think the whole Philippines is here!”, as you heard the cheers from the crowd.

Then it came down to the final three with Miss USA  being announced as 2nd runner up.  When it was announced that Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Columbia, Filipino hearts sank all over the world.  Another missed pageant.  Another year of waiting.  Another runner-up moment – – until, Mr. Steve Harvey owned up to the mistake in his announcement in front of millions and corrected who the real winner is.  He announced Miss Universe 2015 really belonged to Miss Philippines!

The awkward moment was visible as Miss Philippines reluctantly walked back to claim her crown.  She was visibly embarrassed for Miss Colombia during the mishap and didn’t want it to look more awkward than it already was.  It took a few minutes for the crown to be taken off Miss Colombia and transferred to Miss Philippines.

Both contestants will go down in Miss Universe Pageant history – Miss Colombia as the shortest reigning Miss Universe (2 minutes), and Miss Philippines as the Miss Universe who lost her crowning moment.

In any case – Congratulations Miss Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach – – Miss Universe 2015!

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