Let’s talk Alma Moreno. I held out for quite a bit. #Halalan2016 #AlDav

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Okay – this trending news is probably a few days or a week old.  A friend of mine forwarded the ABS-CBN channel on Youtube with a link to the interview of Alma Moreno by Karen Davila.

When I saw the interview, I was ticked off a little bit knowing that Alma Moreno can run for the Senate when she can’t answer simple questions about topics that are widely discussed.  Okay lang sana kung tinanong siya about a law that was not well-discussed.  The RH Bill was discussed well enough to know what the overview of law is.  Same-sex marriage – it is a sin for her.  Pero walang substance young sagot.  LGBT, Anti-Discrimination Law, Advocacy – come on.  If you want to run for the Senate, you have to know, at the least, the basic description of these words.

I applaud Karen Davila for pushing her to her limits to answer these questions.  Kasi, kailangan!  We can’t just vote for a person dahil kilala siya na artista.  That should not be the basis of your vote. Ang mahirap eh dahil liga-liga sila at grupo-grupo lang, iboboto na!

Nananawagan aka sa mga botante ng Pilipinas. We need to be more vigilant in knowing who we are voting for and what they stand for. The Philippines is in a great position right now to move forward and become one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, if not already. Let’s put people who are worthy of taking the proper steps to take our country to a step higher.

I am not saying that you should not vote for Alma Moreno because you saw this interview and you believe that she ducked all the questions and had no idea what she was talking about. What I am saying is, get to know your candidate and find out what they have accomplished in the past that could solidly represent their future. May naidulot ba na improvement sa city or baranggay na pinamamahalaan? Were they on-budget? Did they use the funds properly and are these visible to the public?

I will say that I am not an expert on Philippine law. That’s not what I studied and I am not running for the Senate. Ask me about blogging and I will tell you what I know, because I am a blogger.

Now, kung si VP Binay pa ang kanyang kasama, mas lalong lagot na! The answer that Alma Moreno gave when asked about political dynasties, is the one that made the most sense. “Bakit pa run sila binoboto ng tao kung nakakasama?” TUMPAK! Bakit nga binoboto pa rin? Ugh!

Please lang po, mga kababayan – let us vote intelligently!

If you missed it, watch it below:

Kung magpapaliwanag ang isang taong tumatakbo sa Senado, dapat ganito:

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