Duterte cursed at the Pope. So, who’s your candidate again? (VIDEO) #Halalan2016


Mayor Duterte gave the Pope a different kind of hello.  It’s not the Adele type of hello.  It’s the “pu**** ina” kind of hello.

I don’t know politics that well but if the metaphor means appeasing your supporters, then Mayor Duterte wasn’t doing much of a great job at it.

The viral video below caused Mayor Duterte backlash as he is now viewed as someone who doesn’t respect the leader whom the majority of Filipinos respect.  Pope Francis.

Mayor Duterte cursed at the Pope in a joking manner as he referred to the traffic problems in Manila that was worsened by the Pope’s visit.  Mayor Duterte is Roman Catholic and was educated under the Benedictines of San Beda.  It is surprising that an official vying for the highest office in the land can be caught cursing in public, let alone curse at the Pope.

This video may alienate supporters of his who truly believed that he could create change in Philippine government.  It could change the fate of his candidacy.  We must remember that simple words can ruin political careers.  This is true most specially during election season.

Watch the video below and make your own judgment.


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