Sharon Cuneta and Piolo Pascual forgets past hurts and moves on.

Time, they say, heals “almost all” wounds.

There was a time about three years ago when Sharon Cuneta publicly aired her emotions on Twitter to Piolo Pascual fans who chose to instigate and infuriate the Megastar after her daughter’s public break up with the matinee idol.  Kung isa kang ina, minsan mapipikon ka rin dahil siyempre, anak mo ang pinag-uusapan.  I believe that’s what she did and because her daughter was hurting, kahit si Piolo napasama na rin sa twitter wars niya with Piolo’s fans.

The decent thing here is that Piolo never responded.  He remained silent throughout the whole ordeal, which I believe was what a gentleman should do.  Bakit kailangan mong sagutin yung mga daplis ng bala di ba?  No need to respond to hurtful words.  Dahil kapag sinagot mo pa, hahaba lang.  Wala namang pupuntahan ang usapan.

I believe that it was due to that gentlemanly act that brought the Megastar and Piolo Pascual to a peaceful end.   Matagal din yung three years di ba?  Upon seeing each other sa celebration ng ABS-CBN’s birthday bash for its CEO Charo Santos-Concio, they hugged and apologized to each other.  Siguro matagal na ring inaasam ni Sharon na makausap si Piolo after realizing that she made a mistake na patulan ang mga fans ng matinee idol.

All is well in the kingdom ulit.

There is a lesson to be learned here.  Sometimes, emotions can take over our being.  We have to learn how to keep them in check dahil kapag nadala ka ng emotions mo, it can ruin you.

Yun lang pow.

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