Maria Sofia Love accused of bashing entertainment reporter Jobert Sucaldito


I guess being dragged into controversies and scandals is part of becoming a public person (a celebrity for that matter).  Maria Sofia Love came into the limelight as an internet sensation a couple of months ago and has now become a household name.  Many people follow her and she has nothing but message of love and goodness to everyone.  When I first saw one of her videos, I was sure that she will become an overnight sensation.  I blogged about her then and have followed her ever since.  At that time, she only had around 4K followers.  Now, she has over 120K followers from around the world.

All I have seen Maria Sofia Love do is advocate peace and protection of animals.  Yes, we found her drunk and walking the streets of London on the first few videos that she posted but, she has since taken responsibility and have been posting more videos about animal rights and being #humanproud.  What captured the attention of her followers is her display of kindness and love to everyone.  She tries to promote loving one another, abandon discrimination and also promotes vegetarianism.

Recently, there was a fake account made of Maria Sofia Love (Sanchez) and someone maliciously used it to bash entertainment reporter Jobert Sucaldito.  Of course, with no valid reason and immediate reaction, Jobert allegedly came back with scalding remarks against Maria Sofia Love on his Facebook page.   Nagkagulo bigla ng walang pruweba.


Gracefully, Maria Sofia Love posted the scalding messages on her Facebook page as well and advised everyone that she only has one Facebook account.  She has no Twitter or Instagram account.  Anybody else out there posing as her is purely an impostor.   She asked her followers to tell Jobert Sucaldito that she has not made any derogatory remarks against him and that she has only advocated peace from the start.


Kaya yung mga taong gustong makisawsaw sa issue, Maria Sofia Love has spoken.

Sabi nga nila, “Do not waste your time explaining yourself to others.  Your friends don’t need it, and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.”

Kaya Maria Sofia Love and Jobert Sucaldito – – love na lang.  Wala ng hate.

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