The bad luck in “Wowow” and Willie Revillame. Loses 50M in Wowowin.


I don’t know what to say.  Willie Revillame has tried multiple times to get a show going after his multi-million-peso earner Wowowee show closed down.  Yet, he couldn’t mirror the success that he had with Wowowee on any other network.  If anyone remembers it well, Willie Revillame became the most-hated man on Philippine television after he yelled at his staff while live on-the-air to remove the inset of President Corazon Aquino’s funeral from the show.

After that showdown, Willie Revillame left ABS-CBN and has been trying to find a network to allow him to produce a show similar to Wowowee.  He first went on to TV5 for Wowowillie where the show’s lack of viewership cause its demise in 2013.

Now, he has started to produce the show on GMA entitled Wowowin.  At a most recent press conference, he stated that he already lost 50 million pesos producing the show and rumors spread that the show was about to go off the air.  He is asking that the show be placed on a daily slot like his previous shows.  GMA and Willie may come to an agreement to air the show daily or they may not.

Sa tingin ko, cursed na ang show na may words na “Wowow” dahil sa nangyari kay Willie Revillame sa Wowowee.  Dapat iwasan na niya ang shows na may word an Wowow dahil hindi na niya maibabalik pa ang success ng previous show niya.

It serves as a lesson to all of us di ba?  When you have it so well, don’t be too arrogant and self-righteous because nothing stays at the top.  Kung sana ay hindi siya masyadong nagmalaki nuon, sana ay may show pa siya ngayon.

Goodluck na lang kay Willie!

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