Pnoy’s Endorsement of Mar Roxas for President 2016. Does it make sense?


The heat is definitely on.  Presidential election in the Philippines in 2016 coupled with the Presidential election in the United States in 2016 as well.  This makes up for a very interesting year as we watch candidates try and convince the people to vote for them.

Since I live in the US, let’s set the U.S. Presidential election aside for now.  I am more interested in the Philippine Presidential Election.

I have always thought that Rod Duterte would be on top of the list followed by Mirriam Santiago.  But it seems that we are slow on the news here because Mar Roxas wasn’t even placing at the top (at least from one POLL),    So, why would President PNoy Aquino endorse Mar Roxas?   What does it benefit him?

My opinion is this.  God has given all of us one great gift as human beings.  We have the power to think.  As citizens, we need to understand why we are voting for someone.  We should not vote for anyone simply because it was endorsed by someone we like or adore.  More important than the power to think, we were given the greatest gift that not even angels possess.  We were given the power to choose.  Angels are not free to choose evil.

So, what I am saying is this.  We must get to know the candidates (or potential candidates) throughout the year until the time we enter the voting booth to cast our vote.  Let us learn a lot about them.  Read about their lives, their financial status, their votes, their preferences.  Do any of their choices fit your choices?  If you believe in anti-corruption, do you believe that the candidate you like have the same values?  How about human rights? Do you feel strongly about human rights?  Then, you should consider one who believes the same way.

Kung gusto ninyo si Binay – then, you have to understand everything about him and know if any of his beliefs or stance go against yours.  And if it does, will you still vote for him?  Maybe yes or maybe no, but you have to make that decision.

As we start learning about candidates, let us be mindful that the Philippines is in a great state at the moment (economy-wise).  We cannot let this momentum drop.  Filipinos are finally getting the benefits of a country with a bustling economy.  Would you want to lose this momentum?

From today on, we will concentrate on studying the lives of people who put their names on the Presidential election hat.  Hopefully, we can shed light sa mga taong pumipili sa kanila at ng malaman nila kung wasto ang pagpili nila sa kandidatong balak nilang iboto.

We will start next week with Mar Roxas.  Alamin nating lahat kung ano ang malalaman natin kay Mar Roxas.

Sa susunod…

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