Is KC Concepcion looking for her own identity?

Earlier this month, the Megastar Sharon Cuneta was on showbiz headlines because of comment exchanges from a fan through Facebook.  One of her fans asked her what she thought about KC Concepcion’s sexy photos spreading online.  The Megastar candidly responded to her fan stating that she wished that KC stop doing photo shoots as such, calling the photo shoots “unnecessary” and expressed her emotions by sayin, “Nasasaktan na ‘ko.” 
Because of the statements she expressed on Facebook, the news took a life of its own.  Questions started to rise asking, “Is there a rift between Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion?” or “Is their misunderstanding deeper than the sexy photos?”
It turned out that both parties admitted to be going through something that is private.  Without admitting it and without trashing each other, the mother and daughter who are super close to each other, expressed they are working through something.  Something that they would rather not discuss in public.

The public started putting their two cents in.  Maraming nagsasabing dahil daw ito sa paglaki ni KC sa kanluran kaya ito naging liberated.   Nasobrahan daw kaya ang asta ng bata ay parang dayuhan din.
May nagsasabi rin na baka nagrerebelde ang anak dahil sa gusto nitong magkaroon ng sariling katauhan.  

In my opinion, after I first saw the images that was released by Tanduay, I was a bit surprised.  When I was growing up in the Philippines, the women who posed for Tanduay advertisements are women who were known for being a bold star who starred in adult films.  Adult doesn’t mean pornographic but it’s almost something that you may say between rated R and rated X films.  
KC, in my opinion, was not suited for it.  She was raised and almost sheltered while growing up.  She went to the best schools and eventually earning a Bachelor’s degree in International Corporate Communications  from the American University of Paris in France.  She is currently the Philippines’ National Ambassador Against Hunger of the United Nation’s World Food Programme.  She speaks fluent in French and English.  She’s got so many talents that most of her counterparts do not have.  In other words, she has more to offer than bare her soul to the public.
Iba ang pagpapalaki sa bata kung sa Pilipinas.  I know that.  Pero, may mga batang nakilala rin ako na lumaki sa Estados Unidos pero ang ugali nila ay Pilipino par rin.  They know how to respect their elders and they remain conservative.
Maybe, KC is simply looking for her own corner of the world.  Growing up with famous parents like Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta can take a toll on someone who has not had the chance to learn their own identity.  KC wants to be her own individual and not simply known to be the daughter of super mega love team of the 80s, Gabby and Sharon.
I’m sure that Sharon and KC will be alright moving forward.  They both expressed that they respect each other and have the love for each other.  Let’s just hope that KC will find her way and that in the end, she could be the great person that she was destined to be.

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