Korina Sanchez Suspended from ABS-CBN for a week due to Anderson Cooper remark. Allegedly.

Rumors are going around the web now about the alleged suspension of Korina Sanchez of ABS-CBN’s  “TV Patrol” for one whole week.  The multi-awarded journalist criticized CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the accuracy of his reporting from Tacloban and accused him of saying something that he did not say at all.  
Anderson Cooper was compelled to respond to the accusation even to the point of replaying the actual footage of his reporting from Tacloban.  He clearly did not say “there is no goverment presence in Tacloban.”  

If there are any qualified journalist to report on the situation of the calamity victims in Tacloban, it would be Anderson Cooper.  As a part of his own show, Anderson 360, he has a portion called “The Ridiculist” where he points out inconsistencies or ridiculousness of situations in the entertainment and political arenas in the United States.  He does not condone false misrepresentations let alone report inaccurately on a situation such as the situation in Tacloban, Philippines.
On a portion of CNN’s The World Lead, “How dare you CNN?”,  Korina Sanchez became a topic of the conversation because of her comments.  Could it be true the ABS-CBN suspender her for her quick and pointless remark?   The rumor going around to cover up the real story is that she has taken a one week leave of absence for vacation.  Who’s telling the truth?
Watch the video below:

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