The new iPhone 5S and 5C to be released on September 10th?

Whether Apple releases the rumored 5S or 5C, it has been announced that it will arrive on September 10th.
But what is there to expect?  According to sources, not much.
The much-awaited yearly release of the iPhone has not been spectacular in the last few releases.  The iPhone 5 delivered a better camera and a wider screen.  Other than that, not much.  Rumors have it that the iPhone 5S or 6 – whichever the name would be, will have the fingerprint technology but there are not confirmation of this from Apple or anywhere else.  That’s why these are still branded as rumors.
Apple has seen its stock fall over time since Steve Jobs.  They have kept it steady but their competition, the Samsung smart phones, have kept the iPhone from taking over the world.  Although Apple sold 31.9 million iPhones in the last quarter, it’s still not as much as the 71.4 million android phones.
So, are you excited for the new iPhone?  If there aren’t anything new, what would make people want to buy the new one?  Unless you are an Apple product fanatic, you may choose to go the other way.  Androids are taking over the market with cheaper phones, larger storage capacity and better cameras.
Let’s see what they unveil come September 10th.

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