Sex and the City – – – AGAIN!

My sister just purchased a home in New York City. Let me tell you something, New York ain’t cheap.
So, it only took her 17 years to purchase a home that she can afford but even with that, I am so very happy for her.  It’s the American dream.  Now, it’s time to renovate the home which meant a lot of personal time from friends and family in order to get her settled in their home.  They had to replace the flooring from carpet to hard wood, replace the kitchen tiles, clean up the garage and paint the walls and ceiling.
I went there for the weekend to help out but you know how that goes.  I haven’t seen my family in ages and when I got there, the first thing they asked me is what I would like  to eat.  I lived in New York before and the food choices there are incomparable to anywhere else that I’ve lived.  Of course, I wanted Asian food so we ended up going to this huge food-court-modeled-place in Queens where you can have your choice from Korean to Thai to Japanese to Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine.   I opted for the whole lobster with ginger sauce.  For $13 bucks, not bad!  And it was delish!
To make the long story short-er, I didn’t get to do much.  I pledged to give my full living room set to my sister because I didn’t want her to spend a lot of money right away after putting a down payment in the amount that she did to get the house.   They all agreed and in two weeks, I will be giving her my full living room set.
My point is that I realized how I love New York.  I love visiting – – but I will probably never live there again.   Which brings me to Sex and the City.
Two years ago, during Christmas time, I had an appendectomy.  My doctor took me out of commission for a month, just staying at home and recovering.  I had bought the full set of the of Sex and the City Collector’s Edition years ago but have never had the chance to open it and see all of it.  What better time right? So, that’s exactly what I did.  I broke it open, and watched a few episodes every single day until I finished the whole thing.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me after that appendectomy.
Now that summer is winding down, the air is becoming cooler all around us – I am thinking of watching the whole thing all over again.  It’s just a nice thing to watch even though you feel like a crazy person watching it.  One moment you’ll laugh your arse out and cry your eyes out in another.
I think I may just do that.  It’s Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda all over again.
That’s how I live.  Very simple.  I enjoy the simplest things in life.  A few bottles of wine added to the nightly event would make it a lot better as well.

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