Glee’s Tribute Episode to Cory Monteith is entitled The Quarterback.

cory-monteith-death-ftrSome celebrities become more famous when they’re dead. Take Marilyn Monroe for example. Or Elvis Presley.Not sure what the reason is with the people’s fascination of dead celebrities that’s why I was quite surprised to find out that Glee’s Cory Monteith is on top of Google Top Charts in three out of forty-seven categories.If you recall, Canadian actor Cory Allan Michael Monteith battled drug addiction for a very long time and he was found dead at the Pacific Rim hotel believed to be from drug overdose. He was only 31-years old.

The reason for the climb is probably due to the tribute episode that Glee that is currently in the middle of filming right now which is entitled The Quarterback. The cast and crew of Glee admits that it is very difficult specially with the bond that the cast had formed. If they were tight before, this event just made them closer.I cannot watch to see the tribute episode of Glee. They were initially going to have Cory’s character Finn die of a drug overdose to probably open up conversation about drugs between parents and their children but they decided against it at the last minute. The episode is supposed to air as the third episode of the season.Please don’t forget to watch Glee’s tribute episode to Cory Monteith. #RIPcory_monteith_actors_top_charts cory_monteith_people_top_charts cory_monteith_musicians_top_charts

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