The awkard interview. Ricky Lo Interviews Anne Hathaway. Disastrous.

I’m not so sure what went wrong with this interview but as a “supposed” seasoned interviewer, Ricky Lo seemed to stumble and looked unprepared to interview Anne Hathaway as she promoted her film, Les Miserables.

My understanding is that Ricky Lo has a special visa where he can travel around the globe to interview celebrities. He makes a living out of it. This is just my opinion, I just think that there’s a cultural difference that should have been taken into account when interviewing someone from a foreign country. An example would be asking the celebrity to invite the people of the Philippines to see the film. That is not something that they do here in the U.S. It’s well and good that Filipino celebrities promote their films by inviting the people to see their film but that is just not done by Hollywood celebrities.

Why don’t you decide.


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