Christmas Plans

There’s nothing like spending nice, quality time with family during the holidays.  How many times do you get to see your family in a year?  Sometimes, you have all the best intentions but things just don’t pan out like you planned it.
This year, I’m not going home to spend Christmas with my family.
Joey, our friend who is a chef for Gold Standard, will make a scrumptious meal for a few close friends.  The dinner will be a sit-down dinner and expect us all to dress to the nines.  It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon event and you’re lucky if you get invited to one of these special Christmas dinners.
Joining me will be fellow blogger, Reyna Elena and a few close friends.   Not sure what the menu holds for us but certainly, it’s something special.
After dinner, we plan to attend midnight mass and then, on Christmas Day – what else is there but to see the movie that I’ve anticipated to see highly since the first trailer came out.  Les Misérables.
I know that initial reviews are mixed but I don’t care.  It’s my favourite Broadway Play and the first time to be in the big screen as a musical.  I am definitely going to see it.
What’s so good about this is that I love Anne Hathaway.  I loved her on Devil Wears Prada, Love and Other Drugs to name a few, and to see her in a musical as Fantine is a dream come true.  She is truly humble though.  On an interview with Vogue, she said that she cannot compare herself to Patti Lupone – who won the Lawrence Olivier award for the role of Fantine in 1985 – or Lea Salonga, – who played Fantine in 2006 (and also won the Lawrence Olivier award for her role as Kim for Miss Saigon back in 1986), and joined the cast of Les Miserables 25th Anniversary for the role of Fantine in 2010.

Here’s what Anne Hathaway had to say on the December 2012 issue of Vogue:

“She first saw the musical at age seven, when her mother, who was the understudy for Fantine in a touring production, went on in the role. “I’ll never forget it—I just sat there sobbing,” she recalls. “And I don’t think it was just because I was watching my mother die, though that was definitely part of it. I was just so moved and felt so connected to her and the music and the whole production. I’ve been in love with the show ever since.”

“A few weeks before we filmed {I Dreamed a Dream}, I realized how I was going to have to sing it, and that it wasn’t going to be pretty,” Hathaway says. “First of all, it could never have compared with Patti LuPone or Lea Salonga”—both of whom have played Fantine onstage—“or even my mom, really: powerful singers with big, beautiful voices. I knew I couldn’t offer that, but I also knew it wouldn’t be appropriate. If I went for sounding beautiful while looking like this tragic wreck, it would be ridiculous. And I saw an opportunity, because of the nature of film, to just go for it and let it be alive and present and raw.”


What are your plans?


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