The role is up for grabs: Jessica Sanchez Vs. Charice as Kim on "MissSaigon: The Movie"?

The role of Kim in the movie version of Miss Saigon is rumored to be up for grabs and names of Filipina singers are being thrown out there like there’s now tomorrow.

Critics believe that Youtube sensation Charice and / or American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez should be able to grab the spot. Both are talented enough to grab the coveted role. Lea Salonga was the original Filipna who played the role of Kim, Vietnamese girl who fell in love with an American soldier during the Vietnam war which premiered in London and later on debuted on Broadway. Ms. Salonga won prestigious awards for her portrayal of Kim in the musical. She became a Broadway legend due to this role.

One begs this question: Who will make a better Kim?

Lea Salonga won numerous awards for her portrayal in its musical play way back in 1991. Among the prestigious accolades she received include a Tony, an Olivier, Drama Desk, Theatre World and another from Outer Critics.

And now that it turn into a movie, many are vying for the top spot. Both Sanchez and Charice are capable of singing the classic songs from the adaptation since the two are considered to be power belters. Acting-wise, Charice has more experience after having had the chance to do some roles on TV and film.

But when it comes to the physical looks that will complete the entire persona of Kim’s character, many are saying Sanchez is the more ideal choice. On another note, they both can pass for the Asian look, but with the new image that Charice is portraying lately, it could be the reason of many why the majority is choosing the ‘American Idol’ finalist rather than the Foster discovery.


via IB Times

7 Comments on "The role is up for grabs: Jessica Sanchez Vs. Charice as Kim on "MissSaigon: The Movie"?"

  1. Jessica is the perfect "Kim" hands down.

  2. Thia Megia I think is best suited for the role!!!

  3. jessica's pix above shows like she's been chosen=) luv this gurl!

  4. absolutely my girl..JESSICA !

  5. Carolinevincent1979 | July 16, 2012 at 8:18 pm | Reply

    Jessica is the perfect Kim in the lead roll in a movie. She has a wonderful singing voice and she is the one to get that lead part of the movie. Caroline Ashley Vincent

  6. Carolinevincent1979 | July 16, 2012 at 8:20 pm | Reply

    yes she is the only one to get the lead roll is Jessica Sanchez

  7. CHARICE for me!! :))

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