Take that @miriamq ! @msleasalonga tweets her support of the LGBT Community! I LOVE YOU LEA SALONGA!!!

How could you not love a real person like Lea Salonga? Miss Lea Salonga has been an inspiration to many people around the world, not only to Filipinos but to other cultures as well. She embodies class and integrity.

She has a twitter account with almost a million followers. She tweets about her opinions as well about the RH Bill, current events and tweets fun things like “There are days when pajamas are the only appropriate thing to wear. For me, that day is today. =)”

But the most striking that caught my heart was her show of love and support for the LGBT community sparked by the issue raised by former Miss Universe Runner-up, Ms. Miriam Quiambao who was adamant in injecting her religious beliefs to the gay community that she tweeted some very harsh words that resulted in a backlash among the gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders around the globe.

Without naming any names, Miss Lea Salonga came to the defense of the LGBT community us and simply tweeted the following:

As a gay man, I applaud her for using her voice to support who we are. I’m sure that she was exposed to the LGBT community way earlier and also received much support on Broadway (you know how we love broadway songs!!!) while working on Miss Saigon.The best tweet I saw was when someone asked her if she has something against gay people – – this is what she tweeted in return:BRAVO!!! Ms. Lea Salonga, I cannot love you any more than how I love you today. Kudos!!!

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