Lambda Legal’s Video for Marriage Equality in Illinois: ‘It’s Just Time’ (VIDEO)

I attended a gay union ceremony (wedding) in Chicago last December and I must tell you that it was one of the most beautiful weddings I have attended.

My friends Brian and Sherwin celebrated with about 150 of their friends and families. Here are some photos from the wedding – and the video (I got approval to share it with my readers) that would touch your heart.

View the full gallery here.

Photos Courtesy of Andre Lacour Photography


Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone can have the equal and just right to get married and be granted the same benefits straight married couples receive? If you watch the 15-minute video of the wedding, you will see how people of all types celebrated without the gender barrier.

The gay rights law firm Lambda Legal has produced a video with the message that “it’s just time” for full marriage equality in Illinois, after lawsuits were filed this week seeking to secure marriage rights for same sex couples.

via CBS Chicago

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