Kris Aquino is finally getting it. Just shut it and move on.

Maybe she was sincere after all.  Maybe Kris Aquino has learned from the past.  Maybe, she is really trying her very best to protect P-Noy’s reputation by not getting into the headlines that will be distracting to the President of the Philippines.  Maybe.. maybe.. maybe… or is she?

Kris Aquino recently responded to her mother-in-law’s comments about her and instead of firing back, Kris opted to be silent by saying “she is going to keep her mouth shut”.

Here’s the statement she said during a segment on The Buzz:

“Iniisip ko na lang, dahil sinabi ni Ate [Ballsy] sa akin, ‘Krissy, kung si Bimbi, kung nakikihiwalay, siyempre ‘yan din ang magiging reaksiyon mo. Gagawin mo ang lahat to protect your son. Walang right, walang wrong. Ang tama lang, ang anak mo, ‘yong mahal mo…’ At para na lang sa anak namin, tatahimik ako.”

If it’s true, we hope that this will be the last time we’ll hear about her marriage / separation in public.  And I’m sure that there are lots of people hoping.  Just saying…


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