Channing Tatum gives Ellen Degeneres a lap dance (VIDEO)

Photo Credit: Video Capture – The Ellen Degeneres Show

Did you watch The Ellen Degeneres Show when Channing Tatum was a guest the other day? Ellen brought up the question to talk about Channing’s past as a stripper for a male review called “Male Encounter“. Channing said that he’s “neither proud of it, or ashamed of it”.  He said that he held all sorts of odd jobs including the “annoying guy” that follows you around the mall trying to sell you perfume. He concluded that being a stripper paid the most from all the odd jobs he had.

Then Ellen said, “Show us what you did.” Without hesitation Channing Tatum gave Ellen a lap dance on the house!!! He is so sexy.

Do you want to see the clip?  In case you missed it, watch the video below:

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