Brachydactyly – a condition only Megan Fox could make well known

I can’t even spell it, let alone pronounce it.

Brachydactyly, a condition known as having a clubbed thumb is something that we probably haven’t heard of. That was not until sexy Transformers star Megan Fox appeared on a Motorola commercial during the game between the Colts and the Saints during last weekend’s Super Bowl that the condition came to light. It wasn’t her body dipped in bubble in a bathtub or her flawless face that got the attention. It was the condition that the actress suffers from that got highlighted.

Megan Fox suffers from the and is said to be quite conscious about the hereditary condition. It is a condition where the thumb is very short and the fingernails are very wide. It is said that the commercial used a hand-double to show Megan Fox browsing her phone.

Here’s the full commercial in HD:

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