A heart-melting news about poverty and hunger

I remember when I posted a short film by Ferdinand Dimadura entitled Chicken A La Carte about hunger. That film already brought tears to my eyes. It was to me a mirror of a failed government trying to provide for its people. And it happens every day. 25,000 people die of hunger globally – EVERY DAY.

And then, I see that due to poverty – people have to find a means to earn a living. Earning a living collecting food scraps and re-selling them for human consumption for 50 pesos per box. Then the vendor turns around, re-cooks the scraps and sells them for 10 pesos per meal.

I don’t want to stand on my high horse and say that I will never eat such a thing because I am not in that situation. However, if and when it does happen – I could be one of the folks buying these from the vendors. But what I would do is pick the best candidate for the next Presidential Elections who will vow to make huge changes to eliminate poverty in our country. This is a sad thing to watch.

Take a look at what they call “PAGPAG”.

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