Be happy… everyone will get old one day. Ha!

Well, well. Someone else tried to have fun with celebrity photos. You know, when all you see in the magazines are these perfect photos of men and women and even though we know that it’s been photoshopped to the nth degree, we still somehow manage to be envious.  Just look at David Beckham and wife, Posh Beckham.  They always look perfectly groomed even with paparazzi shots…

Oh yes, there are some photos that are real but we all know that someday, when all is said and done – – – they will age like everyone else. It’s a reality and no one escapes it (unless they choose it age “medically”) when the right time comes.

Here are some photos created by artist Joe Mullins which I found at Towleroad blog. It’s pretty scary to really sketch out how people will look 10 years from now right? But check out how David and Posh Beckham will look like 10 years from now (naturally of course). and check out Madonna and Paris Hilton as well… haha!

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