The Puma Index – The most exciting way to follow the Market


Photo Credit: Puma Index

Ha! And you thought finance and economics is boring. Not anymore.

Puma has a new index that will track the stock market for you and instead of simply watching tickers and symbols, this one will display a man or a woman (of your choosing) lose pieces of clothing when the market goes down. If they market completely collapses (we hope not) the guy or girl will lose all of their clothing down to their Puma TM Bodywear.

The welcome message goes:

The Puma Index is a global stock ticker with a twist. When the market goes down, our model’s clothes come off – right down to their Puma Bodywear.  At least when you lose your shirt, at least they do too!

One thing for sure, the GUY is cute! And while the market is closed, he sleeps… fun huh?!

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