Allan Hyde: True Blood's Godric Goes Shirtless


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I have an outstanding invitation to watch True Blood from a “possible date”.  I haven’t been able to go because life has been so busy (I can’t remember a day it wasn’t!).   I am a fan of vampire books and movies most specially if you throw in the sexy guys like Allan Hyde into the mix.  I am already high-school-girl-fanatic-type about Taylor Lautner on Twilight.  These vampire movies and TV shows will probably get me to quit blogging once and for all… that’s why I don’t want to get hooked.

But look at Allan Hyde… hmmmm… maybe the “raincheck” for that Trueblood date is worth cashing in.  I’ll give you guys an update.

More Photos via Allan Hyde: True Blood’s Godric Goes Shirtless – Photo Gallery | Just Jared.

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