Pilipinas GKNB sa pagbabalik ni Willie Revillame sa Wowowee?


Game ka na ba??  Willie Revillame is scheduled to come back and host his show “Wowowee” on  August 29th.  Many of his fans are excited to see him come back.  But many who signed the online petition do not want to see Willie back on the show at all.

Wait!  There are reports now that Willie will be suspended by the MTCRB until September 29th.
According to a texter who texted PEP,

“ABS-CBN and MTRCB are coming up with a statement saying that ABS will suspend Willie until the 29th of September. This is unacceptable to Willie because it implies he was guilty of something. His Kapamilya did not take care of a member of the family. So Willie is now inclined to tell ABS that he won’t be back at all and is ready to leave ABS.”

Of course, PEP tried to verify the news about the suspension, they were told that it is still UP IN THE AIR.

For one, said the ABS-CBN source, “walang suspension” and that the MTRCB “was still deliberating” as of press time. But the source admitted that there was a possibility that Willie’s “voluntary indefinite leave” may actually be “forcibly extended beyond August 29” to appease the censors body.

The source, quoting someone from Willie’s camp, also said that Willie seemed to be unusually calm, although he feels that he is being made the “scapegoat” in this scenario. That is, the more likely event is that there will be a “suspension” or an “extension of Willie’s indefinite leave”—since the MTRCB was deliberating on a complaint it had itself launched, even if others joined in after.

As of this writing, the petition has gone up to 60557 total signatures. Maybe pressure from the petition is forcing MTCRB to act? Maybe not?

I guess we shall all see what happens on August 29th. Honestly, Wowowee is indeed different without Willie Revillame. I mean, no offense to Pokwang, Chokoleyt, and Mariel Rodriguez. I think they’ve done a great job – – most specially Gabby Concepcion for hosting two of the games.

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