Could Noynoy Aquino III be the running mate for VP hopeful Kiko Pangilinan?


Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan has voiced out his support should Noynoy Aquino III decide to run for the Presidency in the 2010 Presidential Elections.

According to, Senator Kiko Pangilinan will support Noynoy Aquino or Governor Padaca of Isabela should they decide to run. All three are members of the Liberal Party who is led by Presidential hopeful, Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas.

Pangilinan, who is eyeing the vice presidency next year, said he is willing to support the presidential bid of either Aquino or Isabela Governor Grace Padaca “if it will unite a true reformist agenda.”


I believe that even though I haven’t seen much of Noynoy Aquino in the public spotlight providing speeches or even voicing out his platform, it would still be a dream team should Noynoy be the Presidential running mate together with Kiko Pangilinan as Vice President. And if Noynoy is thinking of running – he should come out and bare his soul to the spotlight. People need to see what he has to offer.

Chuva Chienes, as I’ve said before isn’t really fond of meddling with politics. Puro cheezemax lang ang minememorya ni Chuva. But I am still aware of the struggles the Filipino people are going through. Who is going to be the best candidate for the Presidency come elections 2010? Who is really going to effect change in government?

It would require someone with a lot more political knowledge than Chuva to determine who is best and I can only voice out my own opinion at a very high-level. That doesn’t amount to much.

Putting it on the celebrity support for both Noynoy and Kiko – I think the pull is going to be massive given the convincing powers of mega-endorsers Kris Aquino, Sharon Cuneta and Judy Ann Santos. That trio alone can pull the masses together to vote.

The question remains – are they the one who fits the bill to rage war against a corrupt government? What do they have to offer?

I encourage every Filipino to look at the candidates beyond their celebrity status. We need true reform. We need real change.

Will you fully support a Noynoy-Kiko ticket in 2010? Let’s get our poll started.

Will you support a Noynoy Aqunio-Kiko Pangilinan Ticket in 2010?
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