Farewell Madame… Cory Aquino passes away. 1933-2009


I was saddened when I read the news this afternoon while going through archives of anything “Cory Aquino”.  It was fueled by a request from a commenter to obtain a copy of the full transcript of Former President Cory Aquino’s Historic Speech Before U.S. Congress.  I searched and searched but couldn’t find any source over the internet (going as far as sending a request through Cory Aquino’s Website managed by Benigno Aquino, Jr. Foundation)  for the transcript when I ended up at Time Magazine’s online version with their headline  “People Power’s Philippine Saint: Corazon Aquino, 1933-2009. I realized that MY PRESIDENT had died.

Today marks a sad day.   But today, we received one gift as well.    Pinoy Bloggers all over the blogosphere have been posting yellow ribbons on their blogs as a sign of support for our former President.  The support has been overwhelming and we all prayed.  We prayed for either her recovery (which was highly unlikely) or prayed for God to comfort her in her time of suffering.  We prayed to not let her suffer any more should there be no chance of going into remission.   The gift we received today is this:  AN ANSWERED PRAYER.

Dear Tita Cory (as most Filipinos fondly call her),

You have been a shining beacon for all of us.   Through humility, you served us with grace and dignity.    Let your symbol be a marker for ALL of us to wake up to protect and preserve the democracy you had fought for.  May you be our light for the upcoming elections in 2010.  We should all look to you and the legacy that you and your husband Ninoy Aquino left us.  The legacy of FREEDOM.

We offer our deepest condolences to the children you left behind.  We mourn with them.  Farewell President Corazon Aquino.  Farewell Madame.


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