Podcasting Rivals Chuva Chienes and Reyna Elena – the latest sensation!


If you haven’t had the chance to listen to my podcasts, I invite you to listen in now.  It’s the hottest, funniest and most entertaining podcast at the moment!

There is an EXPLODING RIVALRY between TCCS – The Chuva Chienes Show and Podcasting Reyz that will make you thank us that you’re not in the middle.

Throwing punches at each other and taking podcasting to another level – – Visit the podcasts and listen in now!

Thank you to all those who have supported my PODCASTS!

A shoutout to the regulars, Silver, Bluepanjeet, Pusa, Roni, Malen, Miles, SpeakOutYourFlip, and most of all Reyna Elena who’s gnashing his teeth with envy because she is losing this battle!

Come one, Come all!! Listen in now… 😉

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