Miss California – Carrie Prejean – on Twitter?


Like I’ve said in my podcast, there is no reason for me to judge Miss California Carrie Prejean.  She voiced her opinion and that was it.  As she stated, “We all make mistakes.” when her racy photos were released on the internet at TheDirty.com.

The hardest thing for someone – specially a proclaimed Christian, is that you become an easy target.  We all have skeletons in our closet and if someone really digs deep into our personal lives, they are bound to find something.

If it was her opinion, that’s fine.  Stop there.  But when she starts attacking a certain group just like Joe the Plumber, then she will get what is due her.  That’s just MY OPINION.  I am not judging, and I don’t intend to put her down.  Once she makes a statement against the gay community, she will face a backlash like you will never believe.

My problem with the “self-proclaimed-righteous-individuals” is simply that.  They condemn and judge people without looking into their own lives.  We’ve seen many of these so-called “righteous one” fall from grace because once you start throwing stones, the reaction is almost the same – they will throw stones back at you.  And guess who’s on Twitter, interacting with many people over the internet?  If it’s a genuine account, I really hope she doesn’t say anything that would give ammunition to the wrong group.

If I were Miss California, I would stop here.   What do you think?

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