We have another project due in two weeks… Effie White!


I forgot to tell you about  another project that is currently assigned to me.    The day after Christmas, the fashion consultant  for our project and I went to see a movie – ‘Dreamgirls’.  It was a great movie and specially  Jennifer Hudson’s noticeable ‘Oscar-worthy’ role as Effie White.

The rendition of ‘And I  Am Telling  You’ was absolutely refreshing.  Just imagine us watching the scene surrounded by beautiful and sophisticated African-American women!  Literally, the family of women surrounded our seats and they were very pleasant and   endearing to say the least.  However, when the scene came up for Jennifer Hudson to  perform  her  solo  with this song…we couldn’t help but go with the little whispers of ‘You go girl!  Uhuh! Yes gurl!!’ and at the end of the song, they clapped and we clapped as well.

During the whole time, we already imagined one of our friends singing this song.  You see we have this event called ‘Jaded Lounge‘ every second Friday of the month.  People perform lipsync renditions of different songs by different artists.  Mind you, several years ago, the reigning Miss Jaded Lounge was a Filipino, who won the contest with the rendition of Lea Salonga’s song plucked from her role as Kim from ‘Miss Saigon’.      Those were exciting times for Filipinos in and around the area.  But, since then, we haven’t had a Filipino perform so we normally (not intentionally) ignore the shows when we’re there.

Well it’s time to revive it.  Our second ‘subject’ has been practicing since we told him and has agreed to do it.  I will post the video here the day after the show.  He is really good!!  You will see!  In the meantime, I think it’s worth showing a clip of the song rendered by our very own Regine Velasquez and three of our up and coming divas, Sarah, Sheryn, and Kyla!!  Watch and see!  The only thing that cracked me up was the last part, you can hear Regine count 1,2,3??


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