Extreme makeover? Queer eye for the Lesbian Gurl?

You see, we have a friend who’s beautiful, intelligent, and one of the nicest person you would ever wanna meet. But there was something wrong. She would always complain why she’s not with anybody. Listening to her was agonizing as we know that the issue doesn’t lie with her personality or even her character. We told her that it’s because of the way she publicly carried herself. She remained in a different mindset. It’s from a culture where lesbians who acted like men (butch) are much deemed more attractive than the ‘lipstick lesbians’.

From where she came from, she had to hit women with a stick to get off of her because they preferred that she looked like a man. However, she is wondering why she is not as wanted where she is now. It is a different culture here in the US. We told her she needed a change. It is obvious. She wore big shirts, and cargo pants with matching large men’s jackets. She looked older than she is because her hairstyle didn’t meet her age.

We took a quick look and made her our project. We were going to transform her into someone that would conform to the looks of today. We will bring her over to the time that she needs to be. Update her style to be exact.I don’t want to blab on longer than I should – you all get the point. So here’s a picture of the “BEFORE”. As we work on her appearance and her confidence, I will make entries here and two weeks from now – I will post what has become of our dear friend… the AFTER picture.

So wait and see okay? I will reveal who she is as well during the posting of the AFTER pictures and provide where credit is due. To our Fashion Designer Extraordinaire – strut your stuff!!! And for my viewers, you just have to come back in two weeks. 😀
Picture removed by request – Lesbian Gurl.

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