KC Concepcion Reunites with Dad – Gabby Concepcion

I admire KC Concepcion’s attitude towards her biological father, Gabby Concepcion. Even before, she never said anything negative on or off the press about her dad. Although she is more inclined to say that her dad is Kiko Panigilinan because he treated her like his own daughter, it was still nice to see KC and Gabby reunite.

It was very humbling, KC made this blog entry before the reunion with his dad:

Sure, I’m seeing my father again, for the first time, after 10 long years.

Sure, it’s a big deal.

But this is the time to say: it was my mother who raised me and put herself through hell to keep our lives running, while he wasn’t around.

It is my mother who always put effort into avoiding speaking ill about him, to give me a great impression of my father, growing up.

Sure, I’ve had to tweak and manipulate my mind to adjust to a ‘new’ concept of family through the years. It’s worked out just fine, but it wasn’t easy.

Sure, I love my father and my step-father I love him a lot, but it is my mother who is worth more than anything. It is she, and not a man, who will walk me down the aisle for my wedding march.

Sure, I’m the daughter of. Get over it, we are all daughters/sons of someones.

Sure, I have my own life to live, my own name to build, and my own burdens to worry about.

But someone’s gotta begin the process of resolving unfinished business.

Life is just too damn short to be so angry all the time.

That is just wonderful of her. KC – – MORE POWER TO YOU!!

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